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Allysa Khor: akhor88@gmail.com

Carl Khor: carlkhor@gmail.com



Yonex American Badminton Center
Community Cup

February 27, 2016 (9:00am-6:00pm)

Marcus Recreational Center
3003 Northaven Road, Dallas TX 75229

4 Teams (14 players per team) from the Greater Texas area are competing in the 2xMDs, 2xWDs, 2xXDs and 1MS events.

Champion: $500 + Team Trophy + Medals

Runner-up: $200 + Medals



Tournament Details


  • 4 Teams - Names to be updated

Line up:

  • 7 matches lineup: WD-1, MD-1, XD-1, MS, WD-2, XD-2 and MD-2
  • 5 matches lineup: MD-1, XD-1, WD-1, XD-2 and MD-2 (possible in play off due to time constraint)



Team A

Team B

Team C

Team D

Team A



Team B




Team C




Team D




Schedule: First Round starts at 9:00am

1st Round:

2nd Round:

3rd Round:


  • 1st and 2nd place Final
  • 3rd and 4th place

Regulations and Form for the matches: "Regulations" and "MatchForm"


Team Players:


Come cheer for your team. The first Team Event in the DFW Area!

  • Tournament Committee: Carl Khor, Allysa Khor, Timothy Soh
  • Tournament Director: John Wilson
  • Tournament Referee: Carl Khor
  • Umpires: Provided by each team
  • Photographers: Timothy Soh, Lu Lao
  • Videos: Not provided
  • Sponsors: Yonex, Marcus Recreational Center
  • Volunteers: Jeanette Wong, Rodney Wong and the staff at Marcus Recreational Center

Many THANKS to all that make this tournament possible!

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