Operating Hours:

ABC-1 (Marcus):


  • Saturday: Noon-2pm
  • Thursday: 6:30pm-9:00pm

Open Play*

Thursday: 7:00pm-9:00pm (3-4 courts)

ABC-2 (Churchill):

Open Play*

  • Monday: 6:00pm-9:00pm (4 courts)

* Walk-in Fee = $5 per night

Required City of Dallas Rec Center ID to use the gym
(ID can be obtained at the gym front desk)

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Contact Info.

Zerkai Yap: zyap1@yahoo.com

Carl Khor: carlkhor@gmail.com


Coaches Profiles


Carl Khor

Carl Khor, Founder and Head coach of ABC. Coach Carl won many Southern/Texas tournaments and quickly found his passion in coaching children of all levels.

Coach Carl is funny, creative, firm and loves kids.

  • Founder of American Badminton Center
  • Head Coach for American Badminton Center
  • USAB certified High Performance Level 2 Coach
  • USA Team Manager for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 World Junior Championships (at Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan)
  • USA Assistant Coach for 2014 Pan America Junior Championships
  • USAB Certified Regional Umpire
  • Founder and the first Head Coach for Dallas Badminton Club training program
  • Under 15 and under 18 Team runner up in Penang, Malaysia
  • Trained students under 13 in Malaysia,
  • Won various Open and Senior tournaments in Texas and North Carolina

    Educational Background:
  • UT (Austin) Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Fully qualified Fellow Society of Actuaries

    Interesting Facts:
  • Started playing at age 7,
  • Came from the same home town (kampung) as Lee Chong Wei

ZerKai Yap, coach at ABC. Coach Yap had participated in many Midwest/Texas tournaments and found his passion in coaching children of all levels. He is caring, firm and loves kids.


  • Started playing at age 11
  • Won various medal from Midwest tournaments from (2004 to 2008)
  • 2005 Rochester Open Mixed Doubles Champion
  • 2005 Northville Open Mixed Doubles Runner-Up
  • Won various medal from Texas tournaments (2008 to 2015)
  • 2009 TEXINS B Men Doubles Champion
  • 2009 TEXINS B Mixed Doubles Champion
  • 2010 TEXINS B Men Doubles Champion

Adam Feng (冯小龙)

Adam Feng, one of the top coaches at the Badminton Center in Jiangsu, China for over 8 years focusing on youths age 5 – 12.  Coach Adam's dream is to share the Chinese style training with the students in US.


2011年我从中国江苏来到美国德州。从小就喜欢羽毛球运动,系统接受过羽毛球运动的专业培训。在羽毛球俱乐部从事教练工作八年,主要是对5----12岁青少年的培训,以及对成年人羽毛球进行初级和中级培训。一些学生已经在区域比赛中展露头角,取得成绩。 常参加一些比赛,在2009年、2010年李宁杯业余大师杯上分别获得团体第四名和第三名。我 很高兴和大家一起分享羽毛球运动的乐趣,学生羽毛球运动技能得到提高是我最大的快乐! 冯小龙

Level II program is led by Coach Adam, who moved from Jiangsu, China in 2011. He is passionate about badminton and has received various professional trainings in China. While in China, Coach Adam worked for a local badminton center for over 8 years focusing specially on youths age 5 - 12. His students have achieved great results at the regional level in China. Coach Adam's dream is to share is Chinese type training with the students and see them improve quickly.